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Tsunami App

The traveler is reached by a Tsunami warning

Estelle and her friends travel around Thailand and get an Avi about a Tsunami warning in the area

Before Estelle left her home town, she installed Seravi on her phone as a precautionary measure. At the same time she wanted information if something happened in the area where she lives. In the app, she added a area for monitoring – her home town. What she did not know then was that the app also looks for events where you geographically find yourself. So when she and her friends are on the beach enjoying the warmth and culture, the phone gives a signal of an incoming Tsunami in the area.

With this information, Estelle quickly, with the help of her friends inform everyone on the beach and in the immediate area around about the incoming threat and warning and tells everyone to reach a higher altitude immediately.The information was sent from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs based on her geo-location. Because Estelle had the app installed It probably saved her life, but also the lives of many others.

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