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Common questions

Yes. For Seravi to use and for organisations to send you notifications, you need to sign up and follow some channels.

No. Seravi is free of charge and free of ads. However, if you need to send out notifications to your audience you need a premium account.

Well, if you can’t find the channel or the organisation you looking for, please inform the organisation that Seravi is out there and they need to be there as well.

Simple. You just sign up – follow a channel – get notifications (when needed).

We use three types of warning symbols or labels: – Important – Caution – Information

FAQ Organisations

Well, it’s limitless. You could have one (1) channel or six hundred (600) of them. If you need help setting up, please let us know.

Nice! We love education, and for that your account is 90% off the normal rate. Let us know and we set you up.

There is a lot going on there. Each operation can have it’s own channel with different recipients or the operation could have it’s own account. either way, let us know so we can help you out.

They are big or small. Simple or Complicate Regardless, we have a solution for you who will streamline your communication to the end user.

Hospitals, agencies, municipalities. With Seravi, you reach users quickly and efficiently with relevant and important information. We’ll help you get started – let us know.

FAQ Purchase

We take security seriously. Your account and content is heavily protected.

We have two price lists depending on what you are in need of. See current price list.

We charge your credit card every month or year depending on the price model you chose. If the customer is unable to pay by credit card, we offer invoice. If you would like an invoice, you need to contact us.

No. You only pay for the users who use the app.

A user is an individual who is authorized to send notifications via your account. Most commonly, every phone at your organisation is considered a user.

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