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Common questions

Yes. To use Seravi and for organisations to send you notifications, you need to sign up and follow some channels.

No. Seravi is free of charge and free of ads. However, if you are an organisation that needs to send out notifications (or, as we call them: ”Avis”) to your audience you need a premium account.

Well, if you can’t find the channel or the organisation you are looking for, please inform the organisation that Seravi is available and that they should use it.

Simple. You just sign up – listen to a channel – get notifications (or, as we call them: ”Avis”).

We use three types of warning levels: Important, Caution, Information.

Important Important Avis might be about: Tsunamis, Terror Attacks, Fire Hazards, Pandemics, Hazardous Emissions, Extraordinary Circumstances.

Caution Caution Avis might be about: Contaminated Water, Downed Power Lines, Flooded Areas, Deficiencies in The Infrastructure, Rioting.

Information Information Avis might be about: All other information that is not time sensitive.

FAQ Organisations

You sign up for Seravi and then listen to channels that are relevant to your life. When new information is shared from an organisation to a channel that you listen to, you will be notified immediately. Want to know more about the system? Drop us a note

We love education. Therefore, we have made it very affordable to use Seravi: Schools enjoy full access to our system for a minuscule fraction of the price. Schools can use Seravi to keep students, faculty, and relatives up to date on both pressing and not-so-time-sensitive information. Read more.

Government entities (for example counties, cities, etc) can create umbrella accounts where they then can then create separate premium accounts for each of their departments. Single Government Entities (for example the tax-agency, the Natural Disaster Response Agency, etc) can purchase a Premium account separately.

An organisation creates a premium account on Seravi. The account can then have multiple channels, one for each aspect of the organisation, or project they are working on, or whatever else you can think of. Users of Seravi that feel that the particular channel is relevant for them, listen to the channel and are pushed the information. Read about Premium.

FAQ Purchase

We take security seriously. Your account and content is heavily protected.

Seravi is free to use. Organisations that want to send Avis need a Premium Account.

Premium Accounts are paid either by credit card (monthly) or invoice (quarterly).

Notifications (or, as we call them: ”Avis”) can only be sent by organisations with a Premium account. There are no limits as to how many avis a Premium Account can send.

A user is anybody with an active Seravi Account. Accounts are created within the Seravi App. Download the App from App Store and Google Play.

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