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Thousands of possibilities

The possibilities with Seravi are endless. While the world is changing around you – you have control.

Cris Situation

Terror Attacks, Fire Hazards, Tsunamis, War, International Conflicts, Mortal Danger, Avalanche Risk, Weather Emergencys, Natural Disasters, Emergencys, Threats, Pandemics, Hazardous Emissions, Extraordinary Circumstances


Contamination in Drinking Water, Downed Power Lines, Flooded Areas, Hazardous Emissions, Deficiencies in The Infrastructure, Violence, General Information


Crisis Situations, Pandemic Outbreaks, General Information, Ministry alerts

Crisis App


Product Withdrawal, Flight and Traffic Information, Real Estate Information, Operating and Performance Status

Daily Life

Product Withdrawal, Downed Power Lines, Sewage Blockage, Construction, Internet interruption


Change of classroom, Threats, Emegencys, Attacks, Change in schedule, Canceled Activity