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Avis when needed

Replacement of water pipes

The water pipes on the street outside your home need to be replaced and the contractors turn off the water without warning

The Diaz family lives in a house in the street and is sick of stomach disease and has not checked the mailbox in a couple of days. Suddenly the water is shut off and the situation is catastrophic to the family. They do not know when the water is switched on and has no reserves. The contractor has printed a paper about the shutdown of the water in all mailboxes of all residents and believes that everyone has been met by the information.

One of the parents in the Diaz family calls the supervisor to figure out the problem. The supervisor could have avoided the problems by using Seravi to send information to the persons concerned in the area. Through Seravi everyone can get an Avi with information directly in their phone and the contractor can easily update the information when the water is re-installed without having to print new papers.