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Francis is not reached by information

Francis is not reached by information that the sports activity is canceled

In the morning, Francis, eight years old, together with his parents, has packed the bag for todays sports activity. When he arrives a couple of minutes before the lesson begins, changed and ready, the door is locked and there is no note that the activity is canceled. The school has changed in its schedule at the last minute and the information is posted on a board in the school entrance. The result is that Francis does not know where to go now, when his lesson is canceled and so late for the new lesson that has already started.

When Francis comes home, he tells his parents who calls the teacher and ask what happened. The teacher tells that the information about the canceled sports activity has been on the board for two days and inform the parents that they, or there child need to read the information on the board everyday for the latest updates in there agenda.

Parents are not satisfied with how the school handles important information and how this affects their children’s schooling and requires a measure for the information to reach students and their parents. The teacher informs other staff in there weekly meeting about the criticism and informs the principal at the school that a proposal must be made in order for everyone to be reached by the information within a reasonable time. The researcher is investigating the issue and proposing to use Seravi to reach out quickly and efficiently with important and crucial information.

When there is an update or adjustment in the schedule, or a major threat or critical event the teacher or the principal sends out the information that is reached by parents and students at the school without delay.

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