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Seravi can save your life. Really.

Build your own information ecosystem with reliable sources and relevant communications. You will immediately receive an Avi when something relevant to your life happens, without having to rely on conventional media.


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Relevant information delivered to you directly from the source.

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Some information is only meant for a limited set of ears.

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Get warnings when something dangerous is happening near you.

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Redesigning world-wide communication

Swedish Government Re-Sends Crisis or War Comes

Swedish Government Re-Sends Crisis or War Comes

During Emergency Preparedness Week, 28 May – 3 June, MSB is sending out the brochure If Crisis or War Comes to 4.8 million households in Sweden. All households are being sent a copy, but you can already download and read the brochure, which is about our collective preparedness and security. Tangible information about how to [...]

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