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Seravi can save your life. Really.

Build your own information ecosystem with reliable sources and relevant communications. You will immediately receive an Avi when something relevant to your life happens, without having to rely on conventional media.

Receive Relevant Avis

Relevant information delivered to you directly from the source.

Join Private Channels

Some information is only meant for a limited set of ears.

Seravi Front

Geographical Warnings

Get warnings when something dangerous is happening near you.

Monitor Areas

Monitor as many locations as you want to receive warnings from that area.

Seravi Premium.

Smooth. Efficient.

Your organisation deserves a tool that truly keeps your audience up to date with relevant information effecting their daily life.

Sign up your organisation for Premium
Discover the Features
The possibilities with Seravi are endless.

While the world is changing around you — you have control.

Explore features such as Monitor geographical places, pin to remember, getting critical avis based on your position and much more.

Beta 1.0 Available

Download the Seravi App and start building your own communication ecosystem

The Seravi App is available in Beta on App Store and Google Play.

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An Information Ecosystem for iOS and Android

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